How to Sell Courses Online - Webinars

 Sell Courses the way YOU Want: flexible eCommerce with Course Merchant

This is the essential 'How to' webinar and should be the first choice for anyone thinking about selling access to their LMS courses. Lasting approximately 45 minutes (may run to 60 minutes with questions).

    Areas covered are:
  • a general Course Merchant purchase demonstration
  • store design and catalog set-up options
  • selling access to single seats

  • selling access to and managing multi-seats
  • corporate purchase options (Purchase Orders, Invoices, Bulk-buy Discounts)
  • bundling multi courses into a single product
  • discounting options
  • variable pricing
  • seat control and waiting list
  • Single Sign On and LMS access
  • installing the LMS connection module
  • payment gateways, SSL and merchant accounts
  • data export options
  • questions

    Forthcoming Dates:
  1. Wed 20th Sept 2017 - 8am PT, 10am CT, 11am ET & 4pm UK - Signup Now

 Learner Management, Reporting and Communications with CourseCRM

In this webinar, we demonstrate how a learner in the LMS (Moodle, Totara, Joule and other Moodle-based systems) can have their LMS access, activity and grade data passed automatically through to the SugarCRM system. Once the data is in SugarCRM, all manner of reports may be derived, from Course Attendance, to Course Non-Attendance, to Quiz Grade reports and more. This part of the webinar will be of most interest to those running, or considering running, a Moodle-based LMS and who are looking for true enterprise level student tracking, reporting and communications capabilities.

We then show how a Course Merchant sale can result in a SugarCRM Contact and Account record being created, along with all sales related data ready for the full range of SugarCRM capabilities, from Sales Reporting to Invoicing, to Campaign Marketing. This part will be of most interest to people considering using Course Merchant and its integration options with a CRM system.

Note: if you would like to book a private webinar that focuses on your main CRM requirements, please contact us. If you could let us know your timezone and a couple of potential dates/times that work for you - that always helps!

    Areas covered are:
  • Passing LMS (learner) data to the SugarCRM system automatically.
  • Moodle grade and activity types supported (what data can pass to SugarCRM).
  • Searching for and reporting on Learner Access data.
  • Pre-built reports (failing learners, course sales data, access and non- access data).
  • Report export options.
  • Passing sales order data to the CRM automatically.
  • Searching for and reporting on Sales data.
  • Communications (how to select a group of learners for specific mailing communications).
  • Social media integration to gather leads.
  • SugarCRM for prospecting.
  • SugarCRM and Moodle version support.