Training Administration Overview

Training Administration System

Whether you are a training company, corporate university, extended enterprise or HR training department, Training Administration covers your whole training process: finance, logistics, legal, sales and customer portal.

Analyse sales and learner data, allocate resources, track enrolments and much more. Manage the entire training process from order to invoice.

Training Administration gives you the tools you need to create extraordinary client relationships and maximise profitability.

Features of the Training Administration System


  • Simulation tools to forecast your schedules
  • Reminders for follow-up actions
  • Registration indicators to optimize scheduling
  • Reports and dashboards provide instant insight into activity
  • Customized report creation wizards


  • Profitability alerts
  • Intuitive graphical interfaces
  • Automatic invoicing
  • One-click document generation

Quality Of Service

  • Guaranteed technical support and maintenance
  • Ensured data reliability
  • Standard integration of the latest market best practices

Sectoral Compliance

  • Management of evolving regulations
  • Secure certification process and record-keeping
  • Client recertification tracking with automated alerts
  • Detailed status and milestone tracking


Sales Management
Commercial monitoring and invoicing.

• Track all commercial activity
• Manage your customer database
• Provide quotes and take orders
• Follow your sales team’s performance

Logistics management
Complete management of resources and schedules.

• Manage and allocate classrooms and trainers
• Maximize attendance
• Generate administrative documents
• Optimize administrative and financial management
• Graphical overview of all Training KPIs

Client portal
Interact proactively with your clients.

• Identify your clients' training needs
• Discuss their training projects online
• Inform your partners of scheduled activity

Customer retention
Customer Relationship Management with Training Administration.

• Identify your internal or external clients
• Track their training history
• Manage standard and specific agreements, pricing and discount schemes

Certifications Management
Certifications management is integrated as standard in Training Administration and allows you to:

• Define certifications and their duration
• Link certifications to training courses
• Certify trainees
• Identify clients/trainees whose certifications need renewal
• Follow certifications on a per-trainee basis and track their certification history


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