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Building a strong eLearning business

July 2018
Building a strong eLearning business offer a free downloadable eBook guide called 7 Steps to Build a Strong eLearning Business. It is full of solid advice about market research, differentiating your product, choosing a price point for your courses, building the marketing funnel and staying in touch with your learners (customers) via CRM and email.

Yet, like the majority of such advice out there, it does not dwell on a vital step in selling courses online: how you actually take payments. With PayPal and so many other cheap or free payment processing options out there, taking payments is seen as an afterthought that is hardly worthy of discussion.

That might be true for eLearning startups early on in their life cycles. With the overwhelming need to keep costs low, why would you pay for professional eCommerce software when a free option deposits your customers’ money in your bank account just as well?

Crunch time comes later. As course sales volumes grow, it becomes hard to ignore the time spent manually enrolling learners on courses after taking their payments. Time pressure mounts up when a buyer has a hundred learners they want enrolling on your course, all at once. That is time that could be spent growing the eLearning business rather than doing admin work. And wouldn’t it be great if your students had instant enrollment into your LMS wherever they are in the world, rather than having to wait for you to enroll them when you wake up?

How do you run a seasonal promotion on PayPal? What about offering discounted course packages or ‘bundles’? How do you capture learner data? What if a customer wants to pay by invoice instead of eCommerce? More manual enrollments...

Shopping cart abandonment seems to be high. Wouldn’t it be great if your online store had a seamless user eCommerce experience all the way to completion, rather than redirecting customers away from your site to a generic payment environment?

It’s usually about that time in an eLearning company’s life cycle when we get a phone call at Course Merchant.

Some software products have been around for a while and have accumulated features and improvements that make them the best in the business. Microsoft’s Office suite, for example. At the beginning it was a set of tools for some pretty mundane jobs, and that’s all they did. You could edit documents, add up columns and show slides. As time went on features were added after listening to customer feedback. Now Excel, Word and PowerPoint can do far more than anybody could have imagined originally.

With Course Merchant as standard, you get a fully-featured eCommerce application designed specifically for selling courses, with a powerful bunch of built-in features based on the real-world needs of those selling courses online. If requirements and budget allow, you also get a team of developers who build bespoke Course Merchant solutions tailored to your current and future business needs.

If you are ready and need to move to the next level of selling courses online, call Course Merchant today.

The eBook on building a strong eLearning business

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David Hill
July 2018

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