What is CourseCRM?

Bring Full CRM Power To Your Learner Data

We built CourseCRM after listening to our customers’ frustration with the difficulty or impossibility of aggregating and manipulating learner data within the LMS itself. See all your learner data from the LMS in one place, and organise it in the way that fits your business needs best. Bring full CRM power to your LMS data!

CourseCRM is also tightly integrated with Course Merchant. It draws all product, sales and order data through into the CRM where it can be processed via automated workflows and reports.

Free Your LMS Data!

CourseCRM connects a Learning Management System (LMS) to a CRM. It enables the flow of data from the LMS into the CRM, and consists of a set of CRM modules that are custom built for selling courses. This permits the manipulation of that LMS data in many useful ways that solve key problems for learning entrepreneurs and businesses.

CourseCRM Course Attendance

What LMS data can I liberate?

Learner data fields such as profile, attendance, gradebook, quiz scores, certificates and more. It all passes automatically into the CRM.

The strength of CourseCRM over normal LMS admin or instructor access is the ability to see all data across all courses with any number of CRM administrator accounts working at varying levels of access permissions. These staff can see and act upon key LMS data that is relevant to their roles, without having to give them access to the LMS itself.

What can I do with this data?

CourseCRM Learner Communications

For this example, let’s say you are running a course called Chemistry 101.

  1. Click the ‘Chemistry’ category in CourseCRM.
  2. Click the ‘Chemistry 101’ course.
  3. View all learners within the course.
  4. View their last logins, grades, etc.
  5. Filter the table on learners who scored below 50% on Assessment 1.
  6. Filter further on learners who have not logged in to the course in over 2 weeks.
  7. Send this group of learners a template email offering them remedial work, the opportunity to ask questions, or other action.
  8. Build a scheduled report that repeats the above every Friday and emails the results to a named administrator.

With a few clicks, you have taken action to improve learner retention rates. This is one example of the LMS data manipulation capabilities that CourseCRM gives you.

CourseCRM Learner Communications

Learner communications

Interactions with learners can be recorded and tracked within the CRM. Via the built-in email client, emails are appended to a learner’s contact record. Notes, Documents, Call and Meeting records help to provide a full audit trail for each learner. Campaign-based bulk emailing tools, newsletter subscribe and unsubscribe capabilities, customisable email templates, click-thru and open reporting on emails allow you to run marketing campaigns and activities, both manual and automated.

CourseCRM custom reporting

Custom reporting

Once your LMS data is liberated and aggregated inside the CRM, you can extract exactly the data ranges you need and build custom reports using powerful graphical and tabular reporting tools. These reports can be run manually or scheduled to run at set intervals and be automatically emailed to key stakeholders. Automate your admin and reporting with CourseCRM and run a tighter ship with super-flexible data analysis and report generating capabilities.

CourseCRM Archival and audit

Archival and audit

CRM data persists even when a student is deleted from the LMS or unenrolled from courses. The CRM knows when a student has been removed or unenrolled and marks their CRM record to ‘Historic’. This allows you to choose whether to view Current, Historic or All data when running reports. Along with stored learner communications, CourseCRM ensures a complete audit trail for your learners’ enrollments, LMS access data, grades, tutor feedback if applicable, and certificates.

Sell from the web

CourseCRM Sell From the web

Generate web-to-lead forms in CourseCRM and add them to your website. Link to them from social media. Form data enters CourseCRM in Lead records that can be acted upon using CRM features. Respond by email to leads individually or in bulk. Manage sales and marketing campaigns straight from the CRM.

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Book a webinar to find out more

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