Ecommerce Consulting Services

Course Merchant, CourseIndex and CourseCRM are owned and developed by Connected Shopping Ltd. Connected Shopping Ltd was born out of the sale of Connected Learning Ltd to Horizon Wimba (now simply ‘Wimba’ which was subsequently acquired by Blackboard). Our elearning background is significant and includes some of the following highlights:

  • developers of Course Genie e-learning authoring software
  • first UK resellers of WebCT (now Blackboard)
  • content authoring team for Pearson Education
  • approved training providers for Blackboard Vista and CE LMS across EMEA
  • developers on the Wimba Live Classroom and Wimba Voice Tools products

Since then, we have gone on to develop Course Merchant – the ecommerce catalog / shopping cart plugin for Moodle, Joule, Totara, Desire2Learn and other LMS systems. We have also developed – the elearning affiliate network for those that sell courses online.

We have recently launched CourseCRM, a SugarCRM integration for the Moodle, Totara, Joule LMS systems.

Over 250 training providers, universities, colleges and other online learning providers now rely on our systems to power their ecommerce.

We can quote for a range of software development work related to the sale and management of seats on your online courses. Why not complete our web form or simply email us ( to open a dialog on how we may be able to help you achieve your ecommerce for elearning goals.

Interested in working with us?

We use our own Course Merchant software and in-house developers to tailor a solution appropriate to your needs.