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Events in 2018

OLC Innovate 2018

Date: April 18-20th
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Booth Number: 1007

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ATD 2018

Date: May 6-9th
Location: San Diego, California
Booth Number: 1941

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Workshops in 2018

Would you like to learn about training & education technology straight from the CEO of an EdTech company? In the upcoming face-to-face workshops, Course Merchant CEO Richard Standen will talk attendees through the latest technology being used by training organizations, show them hands-on what it can do, and teach them ways of evaluating its use for their businesses.

He gives a full 360-degree view of the EdTech landscape for those involved in Training & Education who want to take their services to the next level with the latest technology.

Richard has worked in the EdTech sector for twenty years. He has developed well known web-content authoring tool Course Genie, been VP of Client Services EMEA for web conferencing technology company Wimba, Travelled the world as a trainer with Blackboard, set up an educational charity in Sierra Leone, and founded the successful training e-Commerce company Course Merchant to help people sell their courses online.

Workshop Dates & Locations

Thursday April 12th - London
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Tuesday April 17th - Nashville
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Previous participants in this workshop have commented:

"I really enjoyed the workshop presented by Richard and came away with several actionable ideas to use with my education industry clients. The hands-on segments were splendid! Tools were introduced that are accessible: both affordable and intuitive to use. I appreciated the time to play with the technology. It really is the best way to learn it."
Julie Gjertsen - eSolutions In Education
"This workshop was amazing! One of the best I have attended in a while. Thank you again!"
David E. Jackson - Learning & Development Expert & Faith-based Leader
"Best hands on discussion I have attended in quite a while. I enjoyed seeing viable options for improving online learning at a reasonable price. Lots of content without an arm twist at the end. Makes me want to know more about Course Merchant and their products."
James Squires - Higher Education Technology Leader

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