Test Course Merchant

Try out a fully-functional Course Merchant store right now!

When making demo purchases, you can enter the voucher code: "half" for a 50% discount to be applied.

Things to Try 1: Buy a Single Seat and Login to Moodle
  • Add the course ‘Advanced Chemistry' to your basket.
  • Make sure you only buy one seat. If you have a higher number of seats in the basket, simply overwrite the number.
  • Checkout (you will create an account as you go – this will become your Moodle account).
  • Use this voucher code to checkout: half

Things to Try 2: Access the Moodle course and purchase from there
  • Follow the link from the exit / success page to access Moodle (this is from the purchase in 'Things to Try 1' above)
  • Your 'Advanced Chemistry' course will be listed
  • Access 'Advanced Chemistry'
  • Scroll down to 25 March week. Now use the 'Purchase Next Module' link to buy the next recommended course.
  • This link bypasses the catalog and allows instant purchase. Notice as you click 'Checkout' that the cart pre-fills with your Moodle profile data.
  • Agree to terms and Proceed again.
  • Access Moodle one more time - notice that you now have 'Basic Physics' on your course list.

  • Return to http://demostore.coursemerchant.com and add multiple seats on any course to the basket.
  • Checkout (if you already created an account, you should see your user details pre-fill).
  • Note when you checkout that your ‘Manage Licenses’ access details are confirmed.
  • You can now access ‘Manage Licenses’. This is a utility to allow a purchaser to allocate seats to their employees. There are two versions of Manage Licenses - one with batch import of CSV data and one with just fast single user addition.

Other Demos

You could try buying the 'Biology Bundle’. This one item will auto-enrol into two Moodle courses. With Course Merchant, you can create bundled or ‘packaged’ products of any number of courses.

Course Merchant also supports flexible URLs to facilitate pasting links into 3rd party websites (blogs etc) and into marketing emails.

Example 1: An SEO friendly product link – http://demostore.coursemerchant.com/product?catalog=biology-bundle

Example 2: An SEO friendly category link – http://demostore.coursemerchant.com/catalog?pagename=Biology

Example 3: An instant 'Buy Now' link that by-passes the catalog and adds the item directly to the cart –

Example 4: An instant 'Buy Now' with a discount code embedded – http://demostore.coursemerchant.com/simple_order?catalogid=basic-chemistry&vouchercode=half

Example 5: Course Merchant has multiple design templates. Check out these category listings:
- (this has a 'Pick and Mix' style - a customer could choose which courses to buy and be enrolled on all they select).
- (this has a more visual icon format).

Design is customised per store and built to match the design of your existing website / LMS etc.

We can offer a webinar demo to show you some of the other features of the Course Merchant software, as well as access to the storeadmin interface. Please get in touch to request this.

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