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These videos are quick mini-demos of specific features of Course Merchant. For more in-depth demonstrations and to discuss how Course Merchant can benefit you specifically, request a demo by webinar. or call our sales team.

The videos below show features that are common across all Course Merchant stores, regardless of LMS used. We have grouped by LMS type merely for your reference.

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Moodle LMS

Duration: 1:28

Duration: 1:44

Duration: 2:00

Duration: 2:22

Duration: 1:15

Duration: 1:48

Duration: 2:01

Duration: 2:03

Duration: 1:38

Duration: 0:53

Duration: 1:30

Duration: 1:04

Get Started with Course Merchant

Brightspace by D2L Learning Environment

Duration: 1:34

Duration: 2:26

Duration: 2:09

Book a webinar to find out more

Book a webinar to find out more

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