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The Rise & Rise of Online Learning: A Free Half Day Face-to-Face Workshop

What your Training Organization needs to know about the eLearning Revolution

Do you know your LMS from your CMS? Your CRM from your MIS? How about your virtual classroom from your online webinar?

Like most industrial sectors, Training & Education is seeing a rapid rise in the use of online technologies. From Course Authoring, to Online Delivery, to Learner Feedback, Assessment, Collaboration, Tracking and more, a plethora of EdTech is disrupting the ways in which Training Organizations do business.

And it's not just the delivery of learning that tech is disrupting. As businesses, those in Training & Education need to stay abreast of new ways of marketing and selling courses, new ways of taking online payments (Bitcoin anyone?) and opportunities for opening up new global markets.

Involved in Continuing Ed? The workshop will also discuss ways of automating the awarding of certificates and the auto-creation of downloadable certificates, as well as the management/tracking and renewal of certificates over time.

This free, half day face-to-face workshop acts as an essential primer to the latest technology being adopted by training organizations, what it can do, and how you can go about evaluating its use for your business.

You will undertake several hands-on exercises, and so a Wi-Fi enabled laptop is essential to get the most out of the workshop. A free LMS course environment will be available to take away with you!

Topics Covered

  Elearning Content Authoring.

  LMS Primer - Build Your First Course.

  Easy Content Distribution – SCORM, xAPI and the LMS.

  Augmented Reality (for Real!).

  Assessment, Accreditation & Certification - Whaddaya know?

  Ecommerce & Pay-to-Register - Show me the money!

Upcoming Free LMS Workshops

We have opened registrations on the following free face-to-face LMS workshops:

Leeds, UK, 18th September 2018

New York, 3rd October 2018


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