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Futureproof your course sales with a mobile-friendly store

November 2020
Futureproof your course sales with a mobile-friendly store

In 2017 mobile internet access achieved parity with desktop. That is to say, for the first time 50% or more of all user internet access took place via mobile devices. It makes perfect sense. Our mobile devices are always with us and are easy to grab and use, so it’s natural for mobile to become the norm.

Now that 5G is rolling out, mobile adoption is only likely to grow further. A 2019 report by mobile trade body GSMA and the World Advertising Research Center suggests that by 2025, about 73% of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones.

eCommerce stores have been forced to catch up with this trend towards mobile or else fade away. Most of us have had the frustrating experience of trying to buy something on a website that doesn’t adapt to screen size, is clunky and unreadable, and has links and icons that are all but impossible to click with a human finger.

It is also well documented that there is a strong trend towards mobile as the leading content delivery platform for online learning, for all the same reasons as the general growth in mobile web access.

More and more people shop via mobile and learn via mobile. That’s why we pay particular attention to the mobile usability of Course Merchant stores. We design them so that the customer experiences a seamless user flow from browsing the fully responsive eLearning store, through intuitive and straightforward eCommerce flows to make their course purchase, and then instant access to the eLearning they have just purchased, all on the same device and with no clunky bits.

A major feature of Course Merchant stores is our design-match service. We build the store to look like a natural part of the customer’s website by matching all colours, logos and layouts. It even sits on the customer’s domain via a CNAME so that the customer is not redirected to unfamiliar URLs. A typical store URL for yourdomain.com is store.yourdomain.com, rather than somethirdpartyecommerceprovider.com. All this is reassuring to customers and reinforces brand familiarity. The result? Fewer shopping cart abandonments and more course sales.

Our store designs are fully responsive. The store will arrange itself perfectly on any mobile screen size and stay clean, professional and easy to navigate. Load times are kept to an absolute minimum for a fast, responsive feel. This great-looking front end is backed up by Course Merchant’s industry-leading set of eCommerce features developed specifically to save time and effort when selling courses online.

Want your course sales site to be one of the best on the web? Book a demo to find out more about Course Merchant and see how it can help you drive online course sales growth.

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David Hill
November 2020

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