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Kallidus is often implemented in medium to large enterprises with multiple teams.

The Manage Licences area of Course Merchant is a powerful feature for cohort management in situations when a large number of seats is purchased and they need allocating to individual learners. Corporate customers such as training and HR departments need a simple way to enroll a large number of students at once. Course Merchant streamlines the process by allowing the uploading of a .CSV file containing learners’ first name, last name, email and enrolling them all in bulk. Multiple learners can thus be given instant access to a course in the simplest way possible.

Course Merchant allows discounting by quantity bands. For example, a 10% discount can be set for purchases of 20 seats or over, 20% for 50 seats or over, and so on. Vouchers (coupon) codes can be set for discounting to certain departments, suppliers or customers. These codes are entered at checkout for instant discount and can be set for single use, multiple use or unlimited use, and can have expiry dates for date-dependent discounting. Early Bird discounting is also possible.

Course Merchant produces Course Sales Report data and Orders Report data which can be drawn into the Course Merchant CRM reporting layer for data manipulation and graphical report generation.

As well as online courses, you can sell classroom-based workshops. For instructor-led training, it is possible to assign Inventory to courses – for example, when all instructors are fully booked – and allow learners to add themselves to a Wait List. When instructors become available again, administrators add more inventory to the course and learners on the Wait List receive an email invitation to pay and enroll on the course.

Physical goods can be sold too, such as books, CD-ROMs and other training materials. Course Merchant handles shipping calculations for multiple zones and weights. Full tax calculations are possible including integration with Avalara/Avatax.

As with all Course Merchant stores, a Kallidus eCommerce store and Kallidus shopping cart can be design-matched to a corporate LMS or corporate website for a totally seamless user experience.

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