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May 2019
Course Merchant Knowledge Base goes live

There has always been full customer support for Course Merchant customers from our dedicated helpdesk, plus training webinars and other support services. We have now enriched the support offer to our customers with an online knowledge base that serves as a complete reference for store administrators.

The step-by-step instructions walk you through everything that Course Merchant does as standard, including adding and editing products in the store, connecting them to courses in your LMS, administering seats and licences, setting discounts, creating voucher codes, editing categories, setting featured products, creating course bundles, sales reporting, and how to get the most out of all the other powerful features of Course Merchant. The knowledge base contains a glossary of terms, is cross-refenced and easily to navigate via a topics list.

The knowledge base also contains downloadable PDF training documents including a Getting Started Guide, and a selection of video screencasts that walk users through some common tasks.

Coming soon: CRM documentation

As well as full documentation for using Course Merchant, the knowledge base will soon contain a detailed how-to guide for the optional CRM reporting layer. The CRM reporting layer allows the manipulation of data from the Course Merchant store and the LMS (Moodle or Totara) to create detailed and flexible reports, automate admin tasks, view course attendance and gradebook data (Moodle and Totara), communicate with learners, and aggregate all essential business information into one application.

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David Hill
May 2019

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