How to Market Education Courses

The higher/further education market is serving growing numbers of ‘non-standard’ learners. These are people who are already working and need to balance their working life and studies. Undergraduate degrees for high school graduates have their own ‘marketing’ based on university league tables. But for non-standard courses, such as extension programs, diplomas, master’s degrees and short courses, carrying credits towards further education qualifications requires a targeted marketing effort to attract adult students.

With many such courses based on a blended learning model (an element of distance e-Learning alongside face-to-face classes), Course Merchant is designed to handle e-Learning enrollments into a Learning Management System and take payment for both the e-Learning and classroom parts of the course.

Course Merchant offers a range of features to aid in the sales and marketing of higher and further education courses:

Web Visibility

The first is web visibility. Universities and colleges often place supplementary non-undergraduate courses somewhere in the depths of their website, seemingly as an afterthought. This makes these courses hard to find. A Course Merchant store, however, has a catalog of courses with search engine-friendly URLs, is responsive for viewing on different devices, and is easily edited by the store administrator when course updates occur or for seasonal promotions and early bird offers. This makes for an agile, highly optimisable web store for courses which takes payments directly and handles enrollments.

Dedicated Course Website

A Course Merchant store can be placed on a website dedicated to the course or courses, which gives rich opportunities to tailor the site to be adult learner-friendly. This is a great marketing opportunity. All kinds of supporting materials can be presented around the course description itself, creating a comfortable and engaging environment for prospective learners. Relevant content on the site’s pages will have keywords and structure that contribute to the site being placed highly in relevant web searches. This leads to improved sales over the brief, unadorned course descriptions often found buried deep within college websites.

License Management

Another Course Merchant feature for non-standard FE courses is Licence Management. This enables corporate customers and large organisations to buy seats on courses for a cohort of learners and then allocate those seats to individual learners themselves. Each learner receives their personal login credentials to the Learning Management System and has instant access.

Sales and Learner Management

Sales and learner management can be achieved with Course Merchant’s tightly-integrated CRM solution. It is designed specifically for managing courses and enables CRM features such as sales and learner reporting, detailed contact and account records, and learner communications to improve learner retention and achievement. Each student has their own dedicated support portal for the course.

'A Purpose-Built Suite of Tools'

Course Merchant offers FE institutions a solution for selling their supplementary, outreach and other non-undergraduate courses which gives high web visibility, allows courses to be ‘productised’ more fully than by using the college website, and gives full reporting, management and communications capabilities. It is a purpose-built suite of tools for selling courses that is proven to boost sales and reduce dropout rates.