How to Market a Training Program

Internal training courses need marketing to employees. Your enthusiasm for the subject does not automatically transfer to others, and unless their awareness is raised they will not go looking for your well-crafted, instructionally-sound learning content. So some relationship-building with the departments you serve is in order.

Marketing Top Tips

How to achieve effective marketing of a training program:

  • Advertise the career benefits of the training program to the employees
  • Use our Buy Now buttons to speed up enrollment
  • Use bundled products to provide inviting supplementary material
  • Allocate multiple learners to courses using .csv files

A good place to start is with your marketing team. They can probably give you some tricks of the trade for raising awareness of products and leading people down the ‘buying’ funnel. For example, the benefits of completing a training program cannot be repeated too often: improved career prospects, pay rises, increased professional competence … the program will open doors for them. Market the program to employees as a marketer would a product, by playing on the desire to progress and the fear of losing out. Compliance, if applicable, can also be a big stick to get employees enrolled on training programs.

By design-matching a Course Merchant store with your training portal site, learners have a seamless experience which reduces shopping cart abandonment. Course Merchant’s single sign-on into the LMS means they don’t have to write down login credentials and suffer from password fatigue. Once they have been convinced to sign up for your training course, the process is as painless as possible.

The Course Merchant course catalog can contain branded catalog pages linked to branded course content for corporate customers in an extended enterprise, making learners feel at home in their own corporate environment.

‘Buy Now’ buttons and links can be placed in promotional email campaigns. They take learners directly to checkout, bypassing your course catalog entirely, which speeds up the enrollment process for those who have decided to go for it and take the training program.

Training need not be sold ‘naked’, as just the course itself. To make it a more inviting prospect, supplementary materials can be bundled along with the training content as a ‘reward’ for enrolling.

To really get the ball rolling, training managers can allocate seats to multiple learners at once by uploading a .csv file containing their names and email addresses to Course Merchant. The learners are then enrolled on the program whether they like it or not!

Course Merchant is the most seamless and painless way to enroll trainees on eLearning or blended learning programs. It is one of the most effective training management tools on the market today.