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Moodle eCommerce with Course Merchant, the definitive solution

September 2020
Moodle eCommerce with Course Merchant, the definitive solution

With the world’s most trusted and widely used LMS – Moodle – turning 18 this year, we’d like to celebrate our ongoing involvement with this popular and ever-evolving global learning platform. For well over a decade now, Course Merchant has been enabling Moodlers to successfully manage their sales of courses with software solutions tailored to their needs. Our software has helped universities, training companies and professional bodies to turn their Moodles into efficient course sales machines with professional front ends and easy-to-administer back ends. Our expertise in bespoke eCommerce software development has made us the go-to company for those seeking reliable and fully featured solutions to the problems of monetizing Moodle.

It is 18 years since Martin Dougiamas first released his Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE). Via numerous version updates and contributions from enthusiastic open-source developer and user communities, Moodle has grown to occupy a current adoption share of 67% in higher education institutions worldwide and is by far the most popular open-source LMS.

Release 3.9 hit servers in June 2020 and there is a big build-up to Moodle 4.0’s release in November 2021. Exciting improvements will include an ‘app store’ type plugins marketplace, multiple UX fixes, and much else designed to keep Moodle relevant and ready for the coming decade in the fast-moving world of EdTech. A global network of developers devoted to making Moodle the best LMS it can possibly be will continue to ensure those goals are achieved.

Course Merchant have been deeply involved with Moodle for almost its entire history. Moodle was conceived in academia; its creator Martin Dougiamas created it as part of his PhD studies. Its origins in academia mean it lacks commercial features such as an eCommerce front end and flexible payment processing options. This is where Course Merchant comes in. For well over a decade we have been developing solutions to enable course sales, track learner data, communicate with learners and administer sales and customer data. Course Merchant has become the most customizable and professional course sales integration for Moodle and is used by many universities and commercial learning providers. See some of our clients here.

What does Course Merchant do?

Course Merchant was developed to serve the needs of those wishing to sell Moodle courses online by integrating with Moodle’s internal course structure and presenting customers with an attractive store front catalog of courses. Customers can browse the course catalog intuitively without having to use Moodle’s own user interface, which is rather less intuitive. Users can select courses and add them to an eCommerce shopping cart before checking out in the same way they would on any eCommerce site. The course catalog is design-matched to an existing website for a seamless user experience – they are not redirected to an unfamiliar payment environment, which helps to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

When payment has been processed via one of the large number of payment gateways supported by Course Merchant, course enrollment is instant. There are options for delayed enrollment if desired, multiple enrollments in one purchase, bundled products, payment by invoice, and many more features that have grown out of our work with real-life course providers and listening to their needs.

We now have a long history of satisfied customers who have chosen Course Merchant as their solution provider for selling courses online using Moodle. Here’s what some of them say.

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David Hill
September 2020

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