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Course Merchant: just a Moodle eCommerce plugin? Think again

September 2018
Course Merchant: just a Moodle eCommerce plugin? Think again

We have worked with Moodle since its early versions. It was the first LMS we built an eCommerce solution for and has been one of Course Merchant’s core platforms ever since. What can we do for those using Moodle who need eCommerce to sell courses online?

Course Merchant is much more than an eCommerce plugin. It is a suite of services, all of which are directed towards helping you sell your online courses. Visit our Moodle page for Course Merchant’s Moodle features and further information about our Moodle integrations. We work closely with Moodle partners eThink, Synergy, Remote Learner, Elearning Experts and others to provide robust, professional eCommerce solutions to their customers.

Here’s an example of a Course Merchant store: nationwide safety training company Responsible Training. The entire course catalog and purchase flows are powered by Course Merchant and design-matched to the rest of the site for a seamless user experience. Learners are enrolled instantly into Responsible Training’s Moodle upon successful purchase.

Do you still think Course Merchant is just an eCommerce plugin?

Moodle has a huge global community working to keep it relevant and develop new features. Latest developments have focused on GDPR compliance, enhanced usability and accessibility, more efficient user management and enhanced sound and video features. Another cool new feature is simple global search.

For the latest features and developments in the moodleverse, read

Moodle not for you? We also work with Totara, Brightspace by D2L, Kallidus, and other LMSs. Contact us for more information about our eCommerce integrations with learning platforms.

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David Hill
September 2018

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