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Course Merchant integrates with the following Learning Platforms to bridge the gap between a web-based course catalog and the more private confines of the Learning Environment. This allows course pages to be optimised for search engine visibility on the web. Course Merchant integrates seamlessly with customers’ websites by matching the design of the online store to the pre-existing site.

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Brightspace by D2L

Brightspace by D2L is a Learning Environment with a range of management and analytic tools. D2L have a strong Support and Customer Success approach, combining services with software. It offers advanced Learning Analytics, easy integration with existing systems, support for online, blended and competency-based learning, and a suite of Performance Dashboards and Progress Reports. Brightspace is used in K-12, Higher Education and Enterprise environments. 

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Moodle is an open-source Learning Management System developed in Australia by Martin Dougiamas. It has an active developer community worldwide and is funded by Moodle Partner companies. Moodle is widely used in schools, universities, workplaces and private training academies. Hundreds of third-party Moodle plugins are available to enhance the core system. Its main markets are Further Education Colleges, Universities, Adult Education, Schools and Non-Governmental Organisations.

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Totara is a commercial distribution of Moodle developed for the corporate and government market. After years of marching in lockstep with Moodle and sharing the same core code, it forked away from Moodle in 2015 to pursue separate development. Totara is available on a subscription basis with ongoing support and enhancements such as Compliance Management, Learning Plans and Learner Focused Catalogs. The top three industries served by Totara are Manufacturing, Non-Governmental Agencies and National Governments.

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Kallidus Learn is a blue-chip LMS with learner management and reporting features. Designed for Blended Learning in corporate settings, it has well-developed Talent Management features such as Manager Dashboards and Team Leaderboards. It has intuitive search functionality and is designed for use on multiple devices. Kallidus Learn comes as part of a suite of Talent Management applications including Recruitment Management and Performance Management. Its main markets are medium to large businesses.

Course Merchant features

All of the features listed below are available using any of the learning management systems listed above

A real eCommerce store outside the Learning Platform

We design match your Course Merchant catalog to your existing Company website. This presents a seamless and professional approach to the online purchaser by keeping the shopping flow within a fully branded customer’s catalog and shopping cart.

LMS Account Creation

When a new user enters their registration details at checkout, Course Merchant creates a profile for the user directly into the LMS. The profile contains the data captured by Course Merchant during the registration flow. When purchase is complete, the user is directed via a link straight to the LMS course and will already be enrolled and logged in. This SSO (Single Sign-On) feature completes the seamless user experience by eliminating password fatigue from the process of buying and registering online courses.

Store Connection to the LMS

When the Course Merchant module is installed on the customer’s LMS and connects to their Course Merchant store, the Category and Course structure from the LMS is drawn into Course Merchant. Products in the store can then be created and linked to courses in the LMS. Customers have access to their own Administration Area where they can add and edit store products and link them to new or edited LMS courses.

Instant Enrolment

A major issue for those selling courses online is that the seller has to manually enroll the learner on the course. This can be problematic if, for example, the seller is in India and the purchaser is in the Unites States, or vice versa. The seller is likely to be asleep when the course is purchased, and therefore there is a delay before the purchaser can access their course.

Course Merchant eliminates this problem by providing instant course enrolment.

If you don't yet have an LMS, please let us know and we can advise you on what is best for your organization.

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Book a webinar to find out more

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