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Gateway to Success: Course Merchant’s Top Five eCommerce Payment Gateways

February 2019
Gateway to Success: Course Merchant’s Top 5 eCommerce Payment Gateways

Course Merchant only works with hosted payment gateways. So neither Course Merchant nor the course vendor get involved in handling payment card details – they are sent securely to the payment gateway provider for processing. That takes a lot of the headaches out of processing payments for courses.

Course Merchant supports an ever-growing number of hosted payment gateways for taking online payments for courses. If you wish to use a gateway that we haven’t come across yet, we can develop a Course Merchant integration with it.

Here are the top 5 most common payment gateways course sellers ask for when setting up their eCommerce store with Course Merchant. Whether it’s simplicity, features or low fees you’re looking for – or a combination of these – there’s a payment gateway here to suit almost everybody.

1. PayPal
PayPal’s main benefit is its popularity. In many countries it is the preferred payment method for eCommerce in general, meaning that many shoppers are familiar with it and comfortable using it. Learners can buy courses using funds in their PayPal accounts or using their credit or debit cards. In the latter case, they don’t need to have an account with PayPal at all.

2. is one of the oldest payment gateway providers and remains one of the most popular. They don’t tie you, the course vendor, into a long-term contract. They offer good support for multiple currencies and have robust anti-fraud and security features. They can set up a merchant account for you if you don’t already have one, or you can sign up with them directly if you do have a merchant account. After that it’s usually plain sailing – but just remember that the fee structure is different depending on which of the above options you choose.

3. Stripe
Stripe is a phenomenally successful new kid on the block, founded in 2010 by two brothers from rural Ireland and as a company now worth $20 billion. Stripe combines the payment gateway and merchant account components, which allows them to charge competitive per-transaction fees. If you process over $25,000 a month with them you can negotiate lower charges. There are no monthly fees and their documentation and support are very thorough.

4. Moneris
Canadian payment gateway provider Moneris is a direct processor, meaning they process all transactions in-house rather than by using third parties. This means you will always be dealing with the same company when solving payment processing problems. Processing fees are negotiable on a case-by-case basis but depend largely on your monthly sales volume.

5. WorldPay
As the name suggests, WorldPay is a global payment processor with locations around the globe. A pioneer of internet-based payments, it goes back to 1989. WorldPay is also a direct processor like Moneris. Agreeing on a fee structure with them is a case of negotiating. You need to be sure before choosing WorldPay because there is a three-year contract with quite a hefty early termination fee.

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February 2019

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