Guide To Selling Courses Online

At Course Merchant we aim to help you every step along the way to make selling courses as simple and straight-forward as possible with our specialised software and staff. Here you can learn more about the methods employed to get you started selling your own courses online.

How Course Merchant is Essential to your Selling Strategy

Course Merchant will create you an attractive, fully responsive and SEO friendly online store where learners can easily find your courses by searching the web. An online storefront and catalog makes your courses far more visible on the web than if they were hidden away in your LMS. Learners can find your courses much more easily, which naturally leads to increased sales.

In the Course Merchant admin area, you can create bundled products which enroll purchasers on multiple courses, set coupon/voucher codes for discounting, set inventory levels for products which involve tutors or a classroom element (blended learning), and allow purchasers to buy multiple seats on your course and then allocate those seats themselves to a group of learners.

Course Merchant can create Buy Now buttons for pasting into emails, blog posts, tweets, Facebook, or anywhere else on the web. Buy Now buttons take the learner straight to checkout with the course product already added to the cart, for a speedy way to make sales directly from your marketing efforts. If you are looking to offer discounts via voucher or coupon codes, you can also embed these inside Buy Now buttons for an instant discount for your purchasers.

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Book a webinar to find out more

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