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The way Course Merchant handles Totara eCommerce is very similar to the way it handles Moodle eCommerce, because Totara is a variant of Moodle. To enable customers to sell Totara courses, we build integrations with their instance of Totara and with their website in much the same way we do with Moodle.

Course Merchant allows eLearning providers to sell Totara courses with minimal custom development and limited dependency on technical expertise. The Totara eCommerce solution is able to scale effectively with demand and all support requests are addressed the same day.

A problem with existing LMS ecommerce systems and plugins

Moodle & Totara do not have separate registration processes to allow the sale of courses. The LMS would expect the learner to have an account first, or for a learner to create an account into the LMS first, before they can start the course purchase journey. This is extremely cumbersome and does not fit a standard ecommerce workflow. A streamlined and efficient ecommerce workflow is one where the customer starts by browsing for the courses they wish to purchase and has an account created (or updated) for them as a natural part of the purchase payment & checkout flow.

How Course Merchant solves this

Course Merchant reverses the standard LMS learner registration workflow.

By being tightly integrated with Totara’s user database via an integration module, Course Merchant is able to create or update a LMS user account from the checkout flow. So, it allows someone to:

  • Browse for courses
  • Add courses to basket
  • Continue Shopping (to add more courses to basket if required)
  • Checkout (and create account as part of this)
  • Access the LMS instantly via SSO

The Course Merchant to Moodle/Totara workflow is far more intuitive and seamless than that achieved by other LMS’ ecommerce workflows.

Course Merchant also supports ‘Pay by Invoice’ which is a delayed enrolment payment method. This means that the sale occurs but until the order is approved, the learner is unable to access the course. Clients typically use this process to raise invoices, check credit accounts are in place, etc.

Course Merchant offers support for a wide range of hosted payment gateways as well as ‘Pay by Invoice’ and other non-instant payment methods.

Course Merchant is already integrated to a wide range of payment gateways.

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Book a webinar to find out more

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