What problems does CourseCRM solve?

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CourseCRM was developed to address the frustrations of administrators and managers in training departments and online learning companies. Extracting relevant, detailed and clearly formatted data from an LMS can be challenging and time-consuming. CourseCRM gives you a real-time dashboard for sales, course and learner data where it can be searched, filtered and analysed inside the best type of system for managing business database information: a CRM. This allows improvements in operational efficiency by making LMS data more readily available. 

CourseCRM solves three broad problems:

1. Managers kept in the dark

Management needs to be able to get LMS data quickly. This might be:

  1. Whether an employee has been trained,
  2. How many seats have been sold on a particular course,
  3. What the average grade has been in the last month for a particular course,
  4. How many learners have not accessed the LMS for a week and need encouragement, and so on. 

To get that data out of the LMS in an intuitive format means delegating somebody to go in there and dig it out. What if they are on vacation? Even if they aren’t, how long will it take them? With CourseCRM all that data is at your fingertips in one dashboard in real time.

2. Permissions

A big obstacle to accessing LMS data is permissions within the LMS. Different LMS roles have different permissions, and in many cases only certain roles have access to certain data. What if all LMS data could be exported to a standalone dashboard where it can be filtered and reported upon easily by anyone, regardless of their permissions within the LMS? In fact, they wouldn’t need LMS access at all, which is better for security.

3. Repetitive tasks

Even better, what if reports could be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly, and ad hoc reports could be created quickly on the fly? That way, key LMS data becomes easily and regularly available. CourseCRM makes LMS data transparent – a big boost to operational efficiency. 

For an at-a-glance look at CourseCRM's features, see What can I do with CourseCRM?

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