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Who are Course Merchant’s customers?

January 2020
Who are Course Merchant’s customers?

The global eLearning market will reach $325 billion by 2025. The eLearning industry as a whole has grown 900% since the turn of the century. There’s an amazing and unique opportunity to make a success out of selling courses online.

But what type and size of organisation are you? How do you actually take payment for courses? That step is often treated as an afterthought when in reality it is crucial to success.

Which features will you most need when it comes to an ecommerce solution? After over a decade working closely with a wide variety of organisations and listening carefully to their needs, Course Merchant has evolved into the most flexible and feature-rich payment and enrollments system available for selling courses online.

Let’s put some of the companies who have chosen Course Merchant into three groups and look at their different needs.

  1. Professional training. Large organisations with lots of members. These customers generally provide CPD training for professions like healthcare, legal and financial. One example is Vetbloom, a training organisation for the Veterinary profession. Here’s what they say about their Course Merchant store.

    What they tend to need: advanced custom features such as integration with tax systems e.g. Avatax, membership database integrations, customised registration fields, advanced store search functionality, student transcripts, CPD progress reports.

  2. Universities and colleges. Extension learning programmes such as University College London’s UCLExtend or Cornell University’s Pesticide Management Extension Program.

    What they tend to need: not much apart from core Course Merchant Functionality in the case of straightforward extension programs. They are selling courses just like anyone else, so the usual features of standard out-of-the-box Course Merchant allow them core features such as instant enrollment, membership discounts, bundled course products and store design match to their websites. Some institutions have more specific needs, however, and the Course Merchant team are capable of deploying custom solutions tailored to their requirements.

  3. Everyone else. The National Skills Academy for Financial Services, accountancy training providers, personal wellbeing, life skills, health and safety, fitness, charitable trusts, IT skills, dog training, and just about anything else that is deliverable via online courses.

    What they tend to need: simplicity, robustness, an easy-to-follow checkout flow leading to instant enrolment and single sign-on into their LMS, bundled products, multi-seat licence management, voucher codes, buy now buttons. All of these are included in standard Course Merchant.

So where do you fit into the Course Merchant world? There’s only one way to find out. Sign up for a webinar or email info@coursemerchant.com or info@courseindex.com to discover how Course Merchant, CourseIndex and CourseCRM can make your courses fly.

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David Hill
January 2020

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