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Why Course Merchant? 5 Key Reasons

December 2020
Why Course Merchant? 5 Key Reasons

Since it began over a decade ago, Course Merchant has been specifically tailored to the needs of those who need to sell courses online. It has been developed from the ground up to serve those specific needs in the most efficient ways.

Here are 5 key selling points of Course Merchant – 5 good reasons why so many top education institutions and training providers choose it to automate their payments and enrollments.

1. Hands-on bespoke store deployment

Our Customer Success Team builds your Course Merchant store to your needs, with a range of customizations that help to provide a best fit with your operations. These include customized registration fields that capture the exact data you need for third party applications such as membership databases, as well as custom checkout options, payment gateway integrations, and sales reporting options.

We take care of the web design, too. Your Course Merchant store will look and feel exactly like part of your website through our expert design match service. This breeds brand familiarity and customer confidence, which helps to reduce cart abandonment. The store URL will be under your site URL via a CNAME, for example store.yoursite.com, rather than a third-party URL which can drive away customers.

When your store is ready and we switch it from staging to live you get a handover webinar with our Customer Success Team and full documentation. This is backed up by technical support for the life of your store.

2. A real web store outside the LMS

On today’s web, discoverability is what drives sales. Course Merchant is a separate web store with its own custom URLs and SEO possibilities, rather than an eCommerce plugin within the LMS. This liberates courses from the confines of the LMS and puts them on the open web where they can be found in searches. The URL for your course description page can contain relevant keywords that get it found in searches and drive customers your way.

A Course Merchant store allows customers to browse a complete catalog of learning products without being distracted by the learning technology itself. It uses standard eCommerce flows that everybody is familiar with as well as features that are specific to selling courses, like multi-seat purchase options and delayed enrollment (Pay By Invoice).

3. Instant learning access

Course Merchant’s single sign-on (SSO) into the LMS gives learners instant access to their courses upon successful purchase. They arrive at their LMS course with their account created and already logged in. This means no more multiple logins to gain access to learning materials, and a seamless user experience. If your LMS is branded to your organisation, the user experience is ideal for brand familiarity, from the initial web search to the course catalog, through checkout and into the course itself. It is simply the most professional way to sell online courses. That is why so many large organisations like universities, government agencies and professional bodies use our software.

4. Salesforce and SugarCRM integrations

We have developed a set of modules that draw learner and sales data from the LMS directly into your chosen CRM. These modules are developed specifically for selling courses online, and include grade data, learner attendance data and highly granular sales data – all within the CRM where it can be analysed, filtered, and reported upon with ease. Our CRM integrations liberate your data from the LMS and put it into a powerful CRM where you can do things with it that would be hard or impossible within the LMS itself. No more spreadsheet exports! Streamline processes and automate tasks with our LMS to CRM link that is purpose-built for selling courses online.

5. Security

Our infrastructure provider is AWS, a resilient and reliable cloud service with the highest standards of data security. AWS’s super-secure global infrastructure ensures the safety of your data. For more information on AWS’s secure hosting, see their security information page.

We are ISO 27001 certified. That means we have been audited on our information security policies and procedures and proven that these are constantly tested and improved. From our backup policy to our disaster recovery plan, we have shown the ISO auditors that we do everything we can to protect our customers’ data.

To find out more about a professional, scalable solution for selling courses online, get in touch via our contact page to discuss your needs.

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David Hill
December 2020

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