Why Sell Courses Online?

The future of learning is in digital courses

More and more individuals, schools, businesses, and organizations are purchasing online courses on everything from management skills to personal fitness. If you’re an expert in your field, you can make money selling training courses online to interested students.

One clear advantage of selling courses online is the absence of need for a physical classroom. In pure eLearning, learning activity takes place online, both on the web and within Learning Management Systems. Learners access the content from anywhere and on any device. Neither is it necessary to hire tutors, distribute books and paperwork, or organise timetables. Most eLearning is self-paced, with learners logging in and studying according to their own schedule, fitting it around their other activities such as work and home life. This means it is possible to reach learners anywhere in the world who are interested in your eLearning content.

A high quality, well crafted and, above all, useful eLearning course can become a steady source of residual income or can be built upon with further courses to create an online academy. The rewards are proportional to the time and effort put into it. It can be a full-time job or a part-time money spinner, depending on the commitment of the entrepreneur (entrepreneurs who sell courses online are sometimes called ‘edupreneurs’).

"eLearning frees education from the classroom"
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eLearning has grown into a multi-billion dollar business as learners get used to the idea of instant access, round-the-clock availability, geographical freedom, and flexible delivery methods. Small entrepreneurial companies are grabbing business away from traditional training providers such as industry associations, large training firms, and departments of continuing education.

In order to build a sustainable business selling courses online, you will need a good LMS that is suitable for your needs and those of your learners, integrated with a robust and scalable eCommerce system for taking payments and making automatic enrollments. For modern learners, buying a course online needs to be a seamless experience, with a minimum of delay.

Early edupreneurs took payments by whatever means they could and then manually enrolled their learners into the LMS. This was problematic if a customer on the other side of the globe bought a course, but had to wait until the learning provider was awake and able to manually enroll them. Course Merchant was created to solve this problem by providing instant enrollment upon successful purchase. It works while you sleep, and comes loaded with sales-enhancing eCommerce features like bundled products, automatic discounting for multiple-seat purchases, licence management for enrolling multiple learners at once, voucher (coupon) codes, an SEO-friendly course catalog and storefront, and much more.

For those who need an eCommerce solution to take payments for online courses, Course Merchant is the most feature-rich and robust eCommerce/shopping cart system to sell courses online and build a business that earns money while you sleep.

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