Why use CourseCRM?

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CourseCRM is unique in the CRM marketplace for its tight focus on the needs of education and training providers. It presents a powerful new management tool for administrators needing access to centralised learner activity data. 

Furthermore, if you use the Course Merchant ecommerce system, all your online sales and payment data is also passed into the CRM. This enables reporting and analytics on sales data and learner data in the same place.

CourseCRM imports all your Moodle, Totara or Brightspace LMS student data directly into your chosen CRM. That data is then available for analysis by the CRM's built-in tools. Critical data such as student course attendance, assignment scores, exam results and more can be analysed, reported on and acted upon.

Top Reasons To Use CourseCRM

Data Aggregation And Analytics

Aggregate all your critical business data into one central application. Import LMS, ecommerce, website and social media data into your CRM. SuiteCRM's configurable intelligence panes, reporting, and dashboards then provide you with real time information about your leads, sales and learner activity.

Student Retention

How do you keep.lead enrolled students on track for graduation / course completion? Every lost student represents a financial cost to your organisation. It is therefore important to identify any at-risk students before retention issues arise, and this is where CourseCRM can help.

Using data from your LMS, various CRM reports can be run that aim to identify potentially failing students. Such reports may analyse student access data, assessment achievement, time spent on the course, or simply plot a learner's access against their peer group. This intelligence comprises a dashboard of student success and can guide business decisions. 

Marketing Support

CourseCRM allows web form data to flow into the CRM and be combined with existing Contact Records created by the LMS integration. Use this data to create and manage email and newsletter marketing campaigns from within the CRM. Leverage the reach of social media to expand your prospecting and contact networks. Track key selling opportunities across social media sites and respond directly to queries from within your CRM system.

Advanced Reporting

Reporting is a key function of any CRM system, the ability to interrogate your data accurately will give you insights into your organisation and help.lead identify new opportunities and inefficiencies. A Moodle, Totara or Brightspace LMS / CourseCRM integration provides a robust, enterprise grade reporting environment that is both easy to learn and highly customisable.

Targeted Communications

All sales order data as well as learner information is available in the CRM. Send out custom marketing messages pertinent to a contact's purchase history, or support messages based on their level of achievement. Incorporate and track lead data from web forms, social media channels, and other sources.

Use SuiteCRM’s sophisticated ‘Campaign’ capability to manage your marketing campaigns over time. Measure email opens, link tracking and view Return on Investment (ROI) information, as well as manage newsletter subscriptions and readership.

Sales Opportunities And Social Selling

Leverage social media to connect with customers as never before. SuiteCRM has been developed with social media built in so you can reach out and engage with your prospective learners wherever they are. Track key selling opportunities across social sites and respond directly from your CRM system.

Embed lead prospect forms and links directly onto your social media sites to push a prospect’s data directly into the CRM as a ‘Lead’. Convert Leads to Contacts as sales result – track a contact through the entire sales cycle.

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We develop our own CourseCRM integration modules and can tailor a solution appropriate to your needs.

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